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Vincenzo D'Agostino (Italy, 1979), multidisciplinary Artist, began his career as a musician in several bands in his city where he specialized in Electric Bass and musical composition.

In 2006 After his studies in sound engineering and Musical production, the artist experiments in the field of electronic music where he finds new perspectives of production and communication.

Under the pseudonym "SUBROSA 55" he starts his musical project (D&B) producing several Ep's and albums that he distributes mainly in his record label "OFFICINA 55".

After a long period of technical development and research, in 2015 Vincenzo creates another project under the pseudonym "GO DUBAI" where he focuses on the area of Techno music and its multiple artistic and conceptual aspects creating various works that soon spread in international record labels specializing in this musical genre as: Kindcrime Recordings, Movone Records, Mephyst, SFR...

Discovering the potential of this new musical experience, the artist initiates several collaborations with producers and musicians such as Riccardo Massari Spiritini with whom he develops several artistic and technological projects.

In 2015 Vincenzo began an in-depth study of the music industry and Music Business obtaining a Master Degree by the important University Middlesex in London (UK). Currently living in Barcelona (Spain) where he continues his research in the field of electronic music working as a teacher in an important school specializing in sound engineering and music production. - -

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