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Composer and sound artist. Born in Mexico City in 1971. His work has focused mainly on maintaining an open posture to musical and stylistic diversity from computer-aided composition, improvisation and interdisciplinary artistic collaborations.


A special attraction for the performing arts and cinematic media has led him to work on different theater, dance, video-art, sound design and film music projects.


He has written pieces for unconventional instruments such as the Martenot Waves, the MiRe (MIDIfied recorder) developed and executed by Cesar Villavicencio, the Enharmonic Organ built by Hans-Andre Stamm, or the Trimpin electro-mechanical interface.


His academic training began in 1989 at the C.I.E.M. In 1996 he moved to Holland to continue at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where he studied with Clarence Barlow. Subsequently, with the support of a scholarship granted by the French Government, a postgraduate degree (DEA) in Performing Arts Sciences of the Doctoral School of the University Paris 8, Saint-Denis, is obtained, obtaining honorable mention with the thesis entitled Los Multidimensional Analysis Methods as tools for Musical Composition.


In 2012 he entered the National System of Art Creators of FONCA. During the same year and until 2015 he receives the “Composers Fellowship Award at the Sally and Don Lucas Artist Residency Program” of the Montalvo Center for the Arts, in California, United States.


Together with the renowned choreographer Sandra Milena Gómez, she founded UDÂNA Scenic Creation Platform. He has also collaborated with important choreographers such as Vittoria de Ferrari Sapetto, Diego Vázquez, Alejandra Ramírez and dance companies such as Laleget Danza, Bruja Danza and the UNAM Choreographic Workshop among others.

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