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Riccardo Massari Spirituni (Verona, Itàlia, 1966) composer, musician, sound artist and producer.


Titled by the Rector Conservatory of the Hague in composition, he extends his knowledge in the Sonology Course with Clarence Barlow and Richard Barret, and with several seminarians with György Ligeti, Walter Zimmerman and Luis Andriessen.


He works mainly in the field of contemporary music. Many of his works, whether for acoustic or electronic instruments, are deeply related to visual, literary, gestural and poetic arts (video, cinema, dance, theater, sound installation).


As interpreter (Piano, electronic and Tarcordium), in the field of free improvisation, he has worked with world-renowned figures such as Butch Morris, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Zeena Parkins, Andrea Centazzo, LaDonna Smith, Roberto Ottaviano, Lisle Ellis, Perry Robinson, Joe Giardullo, Gino Robair, etc. (Italy, USA, Holland, Suisa 1997-2012)


. From the year 2010 he is producer, composer and interpreter of the TARKAMPA musical project. Some Spiritini compositions have been interpreted in the US, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Slovenia and other countries of the world.

He is active with workshops and courses on music and technology in Spain and Italy.

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